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Spark Tank Project Application Form

We are looking for bright ideas to save energy and make a difference to our environment in the Central West.

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Tips to completing your form

  •  Do some research to check your idea is new and innovative
  • Think about networks and partners that you could work with for your project
  • Utilise the Skillset Spark Tank team as we are here to help
  • It is essential to address all four criteria as each one is worth 25%
  • The application is word limited – its quality not quantity we are looking for
  • Ensure you fill in your contact details correctly
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Criteria Weighting 25%
Tips- Give us a sense of the scale you are thinking. Is it a new concept, how is it innovative? How much energy or carbon emissions would be saved if your project became a reality?

Criteria Weighting 25%
Tips: We’d love to see zero gravity and free energy machines but you’ll need to convince us that your idea can actually be implemented in the near future and that you have the smarts and capacity to do it.

Criteria Weighting 25%
Tips: We aren’t the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations or a bank! We have a modest amount of funding available; for example, we might be able to help fund a prototype but we couldn’t build the factory! What ideas do you have for other funding that may help to get your project idea off the ground?

Criteria Weighting 25%
Tips: We need to know that your bright idea will make the world a better place. Show us how the wider community stands to gain out of your idea and how you will use your networks and partnerships to maximise the benefits of your project idea.