Brainstorming day 10th Sept 2021
Brainstorming Network

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10 September 2021

SparkTank is sponsoring Brainstorming day 2021 by hosting a number of brainstorming challenges on our platform.

The Brainstorming Network Group (BNG) has dedicated September 10th as Brainstorming Day to coincide with the National Swap Ideas Day. National Swap Ideas Day is observed annually on September 10th to encourage everyone to share a creative or helpful idea with someone and to trade those thoughts for the thoughts of others in return.


Let's exercise your creative muscle: the brain!

It's a simple process








Please register on SparkTank for free and set up your own challenges if you cannot find one below that you would like to join. 

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Travel post covid-19

Where would you like to travel post covid?



How can the community solve homelessness in your local area?


Improve online learning

How can we improve online tutorials?


Sustainable fast fashion

How do we create a planet-friendly sustainable approach to fast fashion in the future?


Global waste problem

How do we reduce the backlog and the ongoing (growing) product of waste?


Clean energy financing

How might we empower citizens to use their personal finances to make a positive climate impact and benefit from the clean energy transition?


Virtual education

How do we use the new virtual environment to improve learning?


Social housing

How can we locally and internationally address Social Housing issues?


Enhance engagement in virtual events

How can we improve the remote facilitation experience for all participants and enhance engagement in virtual events?

Challenges available for Brainstorming day