Join a challenge

Step 1 - Select join a challenge

When you enter the tool you will be able to browse through existing challenges or create a challenge.

Select the "Challenge" option in the top menu to search or find challenges that people have already defined and are seeking assistance to ideate and solve their problem. By joining a challenge, adding your ideas and extending other people's ideas you will receive spark points. These points will be used for you to reach different levels of innovator status. See SparkPoints.

You can filter and sort the list of challenges by using the options either at the top of the screen or directly above the challenge list.

You can preview challenges by selecting and reviewing the description. If you would like to participate you select the join challenge button. This will take you to the challenge waiting room

Step 2 - Enter challenge space

In the challenge waiting room you will see the other participants also participating in the challenge. You can then enter the ideation process when you are ready. 

Step 3 - Ideate or brainstorm

You will then begin the ideation process. Follow the prompts and answer the questions provided by the tool.

Step 4 - Expand on other participant's ideas

Before you can find out how your idea compares, whether it is similar to other people's ideas or find out how you have been rated, you need to work with others to expand on their ideas.

When there are enough participants (there needs to be a minimum of six ideas before you can start extending and expanding on other people's ideas), you will either receive a notification on your dashboard or you will automatically be taken to the expand ideas page.

When expanding on other participant's ideas you must use the same principles that are used in improvisation: always say "yes!" to an idea. Whatever the idea, no mater how crazy - you must find a way to add value to that idea. 


If an idea for a participant includes the use of something fictitious such as "teleportation" as a way to solve a problem, build on that idea. Try to imagine what you could do if there was teleportation. 

Do not judge other people's ideas. Part of the process is to use your imagination and to play with possibilities. 

5 - Rate and provide feedback

The next step is to provide feedback and rate ideas. This is a necessary part of peer evaluation within the SparkTank tool. Be open minded and honest in your evaluation of the ideas, but also remember that this should be tactfully delivered. If you do not like an idea state this - but do not be abusive. Abusive or aggressive feedback will be dealt with by the tool administrators. Your organisation may also choose to remove you from the tool.

Each idea is rated by a minimum of three other participants.


Once you have completed all of the steps in the challenge you will also receive your full quota of SparkPoints.



Getting started with Sparktank

Before you start this tutorial join SparkTank for a free account. 

We will then get you started by participating in your first innovation challenge. You can keep this tab open and we will help you define and join a challenge