Social housing

Deb Harrison


How can we locally and internationally address Social Housing issues?

Social housing provides a safety net for people on low incomes (mostly those receiving income support) who face barriers to sustaining a tenancy in the private rental market. Access to a social housing property can play an important role in increasing tenants' quality of life.

The key idea of social housing is that it's more affordable than private renting and usually provides a more secure, long-term tenancy. This gives social renters better rights, more control over their homes, and the chance to put down roots.
Decent, affordable housing is important to families. Certainly, it fulfills a basic human need for shelter, but it also contributes to the wellbeing of both parents and children. ...
Decent, affordable housing reduces stress, toxins, and infectious disease, which leads to improvement in both physical and mental health.

Housing assistance gives children in low-income households the opportunity to improve and succeed academically, maintain their health and well-being, and achieve financial success later in life, while reducing costs to society in the long term. When families can afford rent, everyone benefits.