Plans & pricing


Per user per month when paid monthly or 

$50 if paid annually 

Best for small teams



Public challenges

3 private challenges

Unlimited participants

Wizard challenge creation


Per user per month when paid monthly or 

$100 if paid annually

Best for organisations conducting private challenges


All of the standard highlights plus

  • Unlimited private challenges

  • Full reporting and data extracts



Per user per month when paid monthly or 

$150 if paid annually 

Best for organisations running real-time live sprints


All of the and standard and premium highlights plus 

  • unlimited use of the real-time sprint tool 

Customised to your organisation's needs

Enterprise customisation


All features of the Premium +Sprint plan highlights plus customised hosting and security.

Facilitation support is also provided.


How it works

Sparktank is a tool to help you solve a problem through using a combination of ideation techniques such as brainstorming or brainwriting. The tool stimulates creativity through creating a pathway of interaction steps that randomly assigns participants to build on the ideas of others. You can create an environment of diverse and varied thinking through opening up your challenge to a broad innovation community. The more people you have involved in your challenge, the better. 

Your organisation

When you enter SparkTank you need to create a space for you to run your challenges or ideation sessions. This is your "organisation". An organisation can be as big or as small as you need it to be. All of the people you invite to your organisation will be able to see any challenges you post. You may wish to create multiple organisations depending on how you want to conduct and manage your ideation sessions.

Each participant can be a member of multiple organisations.


SparkTank is designed around the concept of solving problems, unpacking issues or running "challenges". A challenge is something that you create to invite people to help you solve your problem. SparkTank will help you define a challenge using SparkWiz. You can also build a challenge using a simple form, so that you can get up and running quickly.

Challenge owner

The person who creates, runs and manages a challenge is called a "challenge owner". A challenge owner has the ability to also access all of the ideas and the print the full challenge as a report or as a datafile for analysis in other software. 

Challenge owners will need to describe the problem, provide detail on why the issue is a problem, who it impacts and note any constraints in developing a solution. A challenge owner also sends invitations to people to participate in their challenge.

Collect SparkPoints and build your innovator status

You recieve points for every idea you add, expand or provide in a challenge. You also receive points for creating and running successful or popular challenges. Innovator badges are earned after achieving points to reach the next innovator level. You will be able to use these for rewards in the tool. You may be invited to special challenges due to your innovator status.

Choosing the plan right for you

Plans are designed to provide the right level of access based on the number of challenges you wish to run each period.

Each plan is developed around the number of challenge owners, i.e. the people who will run or create challenges in which others participate. 

All participants can use the tool for free. There is no charge for members who participate in ideation or brainstorming activities.

What is the difference between the standard and the premium plans?

The standard plan is designed primarily for organisations that want to run a small number of limited challenges. The premium plan is designed to encourage participation of large numbers of people in an organisation to work on multiple challenges at the same time, building a community of innovators.