Getting started with Sparktank

Before you start this tutorial join sparktank for a free account. 

We will then get you started by participating in your first innovation challenge. You can keep this tab open and we will help you define and join a challenge

Sparkpoints & rewards

What is a Sparkpoint?

Sparkpoints are earned everytime you contribute an idea, expand on someone else's idea or review an idea. Points are also given to people who create challenges.Every time you return to your dashboard you will see your total Sparkpoints in your profile. You can view the ledger of your points in your profile.

The Sparkpoint ledger shows how your total points have been calculated.









Collecting Sparkpoints will give you the opportunity to earn innovator status and rewards.


Sparkbadges are rewarded when participants reach a set number of sparkpoints. Badges will provide participants with opportunity to claim rewards. The higher your innovation status the more likely you will be invited to priority challenges and receive special promotion offers.

Earn your first level badge at 100 points: the Sparkie badge.

level1Asset 27badges.png