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Our SMART MEETINGS save time.

Meetings can be incredibly inefficient. Workplaces have become overwhelmed with the number of virtual and hybrid meetings that take place everyday. Rather than having another ineffective meeting, try using SparkTank to engage and manage conversations in the way that it make sense to make the most out of everyone's time.

  1. Plan the topic for which you want feedback or input.

  2. Schedule a SparkTank sprint session with pre-reading and preparation. 

  3. Time-box each part of the conversation

  4. Evaluate the conversation ideas and inputs.

  5. Output your results.


Meetings can be quite boring. Ideation is also hard work. The SparkTank platform is designed to support and improve the challenging process of developing new ideas. 

SparkTank uses a process that inspires creativity - the "yes and...!" technique from theatre improvisation. Each person adds their own ideas and then is randomly assigned ideas from other people within the process to stimulate their creativity. The injection of different ideas at different times aids in the process of making unexpected connections necessary for developing new ideas.

The platform primarily uses a text based approach to gather ideas, however participants can also draw pictures or take photos to add to their ideas. The combination of storytelling as well as visualisation increases the opportunity for creativity.

The Sprint approach also puts participants under a little time pressure. With practice, this reduces individual's self evaluation and judgement of their own ideas. As trust is built in participating in the process, individuals are able to freely contribute wild and radical ideas, which increases the possibility for innovative new ideas.

Our PATENTED PROCESS improves quality.

SparkTank uses a new process for ideation based on research to improve the effectiveness of idea generation. Our team has conducted extensive research into the problems with everyday brainstorming. Traditional brainstorming is affected by numerous bias including social loafing, self evaluation, free riding, self censorship and groupthink. Outcomes from a traditional brainstorming session are also influenced by hierarchy of the participants, dominant personalities as well as restrictions such as physical limitations on the size of group or even who is invited to participate. The idea generation process that underpins SparkTank, is a revolutionary approach to collaborating on new ideas in groups.


The process removes social cues and also enables participants to contribute freely without fear of judgement. Individuals can create avatars to mask their identity or hosts can also enable incognito mode, enabling free sharing of ideas without knowing the source of ideas in your thread. 

The process also improves opportunities for introverts to participate. Using the asynchronous (offline) mode, you can conduct a challenge over an extended period of time - like a week or a month. The use of longer duration challenges enables thoughtful consideration of ideas and inclusion of detailed solutions. 

makes you a rock star.

I've never run a workshop. Is this for me?

Yes, you can be a workshop superstar! Even if you are intimidated by crowds and don't like public speaking you can facilitate a smooth and seamless collaborative ideation session with groups of any size.  If you have never run a collaborative session or meeting before, our platform will make it look like you have been doing it for years. SparkTank helps you prepare with our wizard style guide that will support you creating your session or "challenge". It will also help you schedule and invite people to participate. 

I'm a professional facilitator, why would I want to use it?

If you are a trained facilitator, SparkTank will make you even better. You can focus on group dynamic, building creativity and supporting the ongoing dialogue in the conversation. SparkTank gives you full control of all aspects of the session. You can stop and start - or change direction at anytime. Alternatively, you can sit back and let the platform do the heavy lifting. SparkTank provides a full output of all results, prioritised and evaluated at the end of the session. This means no waiting for analysis and reports. You can move directly on to the next dependent activity immediately after you complete your ideation.

Our PLATFORM is inclusive.
We proudly support the SDGs.

Innovation requires collaboration and purposeful diversity to solve the world's problems. Every person brings their own experiences and knowledge to solve problems. The wider the range of experience, the better the chance we have as humans to solve some of today's greatest challenges. 

SparkTank supports all SDGs, but is particularly focused on gender equality (5), reduced inequalities (10) and industry, innovation and infrastructure (9).

The SparkTank platform has been designed to remove obstacles that hinder innovation and cause unnecessary prejudice or bias in society. It is through balanced, diverse and inclusive ideation that we will see different viewpoints, empathise with those who are different from us and find solutions that systematise equality.

See our work in conducting ideation sessions to improve adoption of SDGs 

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