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Is design thinking for me?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Design thinking became a hot topic in the early 2000s when it received attention in a number of business publications including Business Review Weekly in 2008. However, design thinking is far from a new phenomenon.

Some of the first mentions of design thinking are in papers by Richard Buchanan (1992) and several design conferences from the same era. Design thinking is simply the popularised approach to problem solving using the methods principally used by designers and engineers for hundreds of years.

Designers often quote Herbert Simon's "Sciences of the Artificial" as one of the seminal pieces on design - but there are many others that explore and define the field that has become instrumental in innovation and is now integrated into business management and even science.

The below video provides a glimpse into the theory of design thinking and how it works.

If you enjoy our video or find it useful - please leave a comment or leave any questions that you may have.

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