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I'm passionate about enabling the youth and being a servant-leader of great teams by valuing differences. I'm an aspiring tech entrepreneur, scaling a blockchain based platform-as-a-service startup for the youth and individuals in the areas of reskilling, upskilling, career growth and future of work.
I believe that the world’s pressing problems can be solved by empowering the youth with STEAM Education, 21st-century skills, and an innovative mindset. I enjoy taking up challenges and I'm an innovator by nature. I'm a speaker, maker, and doer and have been the National Organizer as well as the first Pakistani Judge for World Robot Olympiad (WRO) and FIRST Global competitions. I'm also a human-centered design practitioner and trainer from Back2Back Australia.

Zartaj Ahmed

Tech Entrepreneurship; Driving Social Impact by disrupting Education using Technology; Human-Centered Design; Startup Mentoring & Judging; STEM Education

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